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Types of Extensions in Google Ads in 2021 - Increases 3X CTR

Types of Extensions in  Google Ads

An ads extension gives your Google ad more dimensions and allows for more functionality. It is a pretty incredible opportunity. If you have been using Google ads for a while, you may have started to realise the value of Google ads extension and its benefits.

Let's look at just a few benefits of using Google ads extensions.

  • Better visibility
    Google Ads extensions allow you to make your ads more flexible and create more space on the search page at no additional cost to you.
    With this simple addition, they help us add more information to your search ads, which can increase CTR.
  • More clicks / conversions
    An ad extension allows that your ads have a higher chance of being clicked, which means more clicks and, therefore more conversions.

The Google ad extension increases click-through rates (CTRs) without increasing the budget. It is an additional extension for Google ads that most people are not aware of. If you are one of those who have already run Google Ads but are still not getting the response you want, then this article is for you. Because here, you will learn all about Google Ads extensions, the types of extensions in Google Ads and how it helps.

Types of Extensions in Google Ads

There are 11 types of extensions in Google Ads, and all of them have different kinds of functionalities and proceeding features. Keep reading because the real magic is going to begin from here:

Types of extensions in google ad infographic

A sitelink extension is a link that appears on the search results page below or above your search ads.

Example: Sitelinks in a search ad

When the user clicks on the link, they are redirected to a separate URL of your choice! This is a great way to direct users to landing pages with more information about your product, specific landing pages, or main website.

Sitelink extensions are Google's way of displaying additional information about your website. It also allows users to click on the links and get more details without scrolling through the landing page.

You can add website links to your account, ad campaign, or ad group; it is up to you when you want them to appear on your sites. However, you need to be careful when adding appropriate additional links and the device you're adding it from because it will significantly impact ad performance to increase clicks.

In Simple words, Sitelink extensions allow you to add a website address (URL) which links to a different page on your website.

Sitelink extensions appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results.

On the desktop 🖥️
You need at least 2 sitelink extensions, and you can show up to 6 sitelinks.
In mobile 📱
You need at least 1 sitelink extension, and you can show up to 8 sitelinks.

The number of site links that can be displayed depends on where the ad is displayed:

2. Callout extension

In these extensions, google highlights the specialities of your website that can attract users to a great extent. These specialities can be discount offers, call-to-action strategies, or anything unique in your content. It's a text comprising 25 characters that depict valuable information about your website or business.

callout extension example

While building these types of extensions in google ad, google provide you with just 25 characters; these characters have to be in fragments so that you can count maximum services in it. You have to apply for this extension to include all of your services, location, and offers shortly.

3. Structured snippet extensions

These extensions make places of interest for people by providing a sneak preview of the services you're providing. It gives a broad understanding of your website without exploring the website as a whole, saving time for users. And they'll automatically fall for the one who benefitted them.

Structured snippet extensions example

When you add structured snippets extensions to your ad campaign, try to add numbers, destinations, and only information that is helpful for viewers instantly. Also, structured snippets should get matched with the actual headline of the website. Otherwise, it's going to imply a wrong impression on the user.

4. Call extensions

call extenion example

Call extensions allow you to call your business directly from the ad. Google has added a dialer to desktop search results which automatically displays extensions and displays your phone number. If you are using the phone extension, the dialer will show phone numbers of your ad extension. You set extensions in Ad extensions.

5. Lead from extensions

Lead from extensions is the latest function from types of extensions in google ads that are available only in beta. It provides users to contact directly with your company within a few clicks. Potential customers don't need to navigate your company and website; they can directly contact you through ad extensions. You can contact them and get their name, email, phone, ZIP, country, company, job title, work email, and work phone number.

Lead from extensions example

Google is still working and updating this extension to make both company and customers have a better experience. Lead from the wing is the sole purpose of adding extensions to your ads; try making it better for all because it can generate a lot of traffic on your website.

6. Location extension

Location extensions allow you to show a location map and location for your ad. If your services are location-specific, then this extension can help you a lot. It includes the business's address, direction, and phone number to make a quick call to action. Location extension is beneficial only when the user can visit your place and make a purchase. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with an online business.

Location extension example

But location extension can impress and assure users about the authenticity of your website and business. And they are best from all types of extensions in google ads.

7. Affiliate location extension

Affiliate location extension example

Affiliate means your business or website is connected with another website as well. It means users can get access to you through more than one means. If you have collaborated with other businesses, then this extension can be helpful. These extensions can bring you, potential users, to more than one website without paying extra. It's one of the vital extensions from types of extensions in google ads.

8. Price extension

Price transparency lets your customers have a clear idea about your products, and they can compare it with their expectations. Adding price extensions can be risky, but it increases the trust of users. If they visit the website even after seeing the price, they're solid and long-term visitors.

Price extension example

Use these types of extensions in google ad only if you have multiple pricing options and provide users with discounts. Otherwise, it's more harmful than beneficial.

9. App extensions

Suppose you have a mobile app related to your business and website, then it's the best time to connect with people from there. Adding an app extension will take users directly to downloading and utilising the app for purchasing or awareness purposes.

App extensions example

While adding an app extension, keep its headline related to your website title and link the app extension to the app store to take immediate action. These types of extensions in google ad only work in specific conditions, so be careful while opting for them.

10. Promotion extension

Promotion extension example

Promotion extension can be used when you provide specific services and want to promote them for maximum exposure. Choose this extension on particular days, hours, or events to attract people to your website. Promotion extensions are beneficial if someone knows to use them acceptably. But these are the least used from all types of extensions in google ads.

11. Automated ad extension

That is a bonus ad extension that is not available on the list. Google uses these automated extensions to get traffic to your website when neither of the above is working. These types of extensions in google ad include:

Automated ad extension example

● The dynamic stretching (Google automatically generates that, and there is no formula behind it)

● Seller ratings (in which ratings from sellers are directly attached with a website link so that visitors get sure about the authenticity and better service of your company)

Download Google Ads Extensions Template

With our ad extensions template, you can quickly write ad extension text and upload it to Google Ads Editor.


This Google template includes a tab for different types of extensions and can even help you stay within the character limit.


There are many types of extensions in google ads, but choosing those that can be impactful for the growth of your business is essential. Experts suggest that one should add more than two extensions related to their websites because google doesn't show a specific extension always. It works according to the search performed by users. So, when you apply multiple, then your website can appear in various quests.

This blog post detailed the different types of extensions in Google Ads and gave a possible use case for each. I hope this helped explain what Google Ads extensions can do and how you can incorporate them into your process.

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