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3 Best Tools in 2021 To do - PPC Competitor Analysis

3 Best PPC Competitor Analysis Tools

There are possibilities that the ideas and research of others could be better or worse than ours. Their research in both cases is beneficial for you, especially in building advertising campaigns.

The purpose of advertising is to show your ads to the right keyword or high intent keywords (search query)  and it's not possible without following winning strategies because like you many others are also trying to show their ads in the same keyword. There are different essential steps in formulating ad campaigns that can bring the most satisfactory results on your way if you know how to take benefits from them. PPC competitor analysis is the most significant step in building a powerful advertising campaign out of all those steps.

PPC competitor analysis lets you know about all the approaches done by your competitor and responses from the audience on them. A robust analysis of your competitors serves plenty of ideas to construct a PPC ad campaign. PPC competitor analysis gives a complete insight about the biggest competitor in your niche, keywords they are using, traffic on their websites due to ad campaigns, and a lot more. You can review your competitor's ad copy, which gives you an idea about dos and don'ts while building your PPC ad campaign.

PPC competitor analysis can only be done by tools specially built for them. Some of those tools only focus on PPC keyword research, and others provide a comprehensive report on keyword research and competitor analysis. In the availability of this wide variety of tools, it becomes difficult for anyone to choose the most suitable for PPC competitor analysis. But we have got you covered. This article has compiled a list of the best tools for PPC competitor analysis that include every service you need to make your ad campaign unique and outstanding among all.

The 3 Best Tools for PPC Competitor Analysis

Spyfu vs SEMRush vs Ahref: A Detailed Comparison Table

Free TrialNo7 days free trail7 days trial for $7
Pricing (Value/Cost)3 Out of 54.2 Out of 54 Out of 5
Pricing plans (per month)BASIC $ 39 PROFESSIONAL $79Pro: $119.95 Guru: $229.95 Business: $449.95 Lite: $99 Standard: $179 Advanced: $399 Agency: $999
Backlink database size-808 million191 million
Countries CoveredUS, UK117 Countries171 countries
User Interface4 Out of 54.3 Out of 54 Out of 5
Custumer SupportLive Chat, Email, PhoneEmail & PhoneEmail & Phone
G2 Ratings4.6 out of 5 stars (455 reviews)4.5 out of 5 stars (1,356 reviews)4.6 out of 5 stars (334 reviews)

download comparison table image -click here


As the name depicts, this tool will be a spy on your competitor's whole advertisement strategies. This free tool allows you to check keywords that your competitor uses and the success obtained from those keywords. You'll also get access to many ad copies running on their websites, either they are old or new.

To perform this PPC competitor analysis in Spyfu, you have to enter the URL of the website in the search bar. Here you'll see the estimated AdWords budget of current and previous months, ad positions, click per day, paid keywords, top paid keywords, and ad text.

Besides all these accessible facilities, a paid version of Spyfu is available, which helps provide 90% more data about a competitor. You can also check the statistics of your keywords on this.


It is another tool like Spyfu for PPC competitor analysis. To analyze, you have to enter the website link, and the results will show everything you need. You can view competitors of your competitors, which can give you an idea about your strategy. If you pop up in their competitor's list, then definitely your methods are worth it. Besides this, you'll also get the results of Ad text, the average position of potential keywords, ad history, traffic on those keywords, and the annual or monthly budget spent on those keywords.

The paid version of this tool is also available, which will give you more results. Which means you'll be able to construct more robust strategies.


If you are looking for a tool that fulfils all your demands and has a good reputation, then Ahref is the right choice. It is the first SEO tool that has led digital innovation to a new level. It provides keyword research, PPC keyword analysis, and backlinks facility. Though the information here is fundamental, it is the most basic. You can also check competitors' most used and targeted URLs and keywords. Ahref is also a proven software for organic SEO of your websites and pages. But the drawback of Ahref is that its starting subscription cost $99. Where we can avail nearly all of its functionalities in other free tools.

6 Things You Should Look for in a Paid Search Competitor Analysis Tool

Though all the tools mentioned above can let you do PPC competitor analysis in the best way, all of those tools have their specifications. Some devices are best for PPC keyword research and competitor analysis, and some of them are solely built for marketing purposes. That's why we think that you should know these six things before utilizing any keyword tool if you want to do PPC keyword analysis.

1. Keyword insight

For PPC keyword analysis, you should have insights about all keywords used by your competitor and the budget spent on those as well. Through this investigation, you'll also know about ideas that your competitors missed, but they can perform well.

2. Ad copy insight

In digital marketing building, an ad copy is the most complicated and risky. That's why marketers keep making changes in their ad copy. So, if you have insight into the ad copy of your competitor, then you can quickly know about the dos and don’ts of your ad strategy. Ultimately you will be doing PPC competitor analysis.

3. Context and guidance

Getting the keywords analysis and other data from tools and their separate assembly is complicated. So better opt for those tools which assist you in getting the context of data at the same place. Then PPC competitor analysis also becomes easy. Here is also guidance for you.

4. Ad group insight

knowing about ad group insight can save you from wasting a lot of time learning about market trends. Ad group insight can help you in PPC competitor analysis in a more professional way.

5. Landing page insight

Landing pages are one of the most important and focused parts of Search Ads.

Landing Page Insight gives you an exclusive insight into the creative ideas and graphics your competitors are using. By analysing our competitors' landing pages, you'll learn which format works well in your niche/industry.

This will help you perform well and achieve a good quality score.


PPC competitor analysis is essential to build a strong ad copy and rank your website. It brings considerable modification and progress to your results. But keep in mind that it is not the only thing to focus on. You have to look upon many other ideas and your creativity as well to get the best results.

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