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Microsoft Loop: a Project Management and Collaboration App

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Microsoft has been providing office services for years. As the world proceeds into new ideas, Microsoft also adopts the latest strategies to make lives easier. Either these are updates in already built apps, or there is a need to create new programs. Microsoft knows the condition of the hour and demands of the people and makes new apps and updates accordingly. Microsoft general manager Wangui McKelvy confessed that people look at the limitations of the office.

“New kinds of content, formats, and channels demanded more flexible, powerful, and fluid tools to allow everyone to deliver a more impactful message and collaborate at their own pace,” McKelvey stated. “So, Microsoft Office is changing with the times.”

A recent change that Microsoft introduced is the Microsoft loop. From the past few years in the pandemic, Microsoft played a vital role by providing Teams' services. In addition, Microsoft made sure that collaboration and networking among office workers stayed abundant. That's why a Microsoft loop is generated to manage loads of work and files on one screen. In this article, you'll know unique features, prices, and many more about Microsoft loop.

What is the Microsoft loop?

In this hybrid work era, everyone desires something that can help them to handle massive work. Microsoft expanded its approach by adding a loop in the office that is based on hybrid work. This collaborative app is a renovated version of Microsoft fluid technology. The primary purpose of designing this app was to assist remote work. You can feel like an office while working on this app.

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To understand the Microsoft loop, you must know about fluid technology. According to different reports, Fluid technology is “blocks of collaborative Office content that can live independently and be copied, pasted, and shared with others.” Here you might get an idea about how the Microsoft loop is going to work.

Microsoft loop is nearly like a project board, where different aspects of your project are present in one space. It saves your precious time and assists you in maintaining your focus and work efficiently. Microsoft loop is the same as that project board where you can loop and collaborate on different files.  The future is all about remote work, and the Microsoft loop will make a massive mark in the workspace.

The app was released a few days ago, so it's only available in specific parts of Microsoft. Microsoft loop will start appearing in Teams, Outlook, and OneNote initially. But all the other app will also begin to perceive this app gradually in the coming months with more advanced features.

First impression

Microsoft this week unveiled a new productivity app, Loop, that combines elements of documents, spreadsheets and presentation apps into a single collaborative space. You can collaborate with other people on your projects or simply get to know them better while also getting work done more productively within the platform at the same time.

microsoft loop dashboard

It is based upon fluid technology where you can see blocks of office content in one place. Where you can independently copy, paste and share work with others. The interface of the first page is the same as fluid technology. There are three essential elements overall.

  • loop components
  • loop pages
  • loop workspaces

Loop components are multiple pieces of content available in various apps. This content is created live and can be seen through any screen. And anyone can jump in and make changes independently. Loop pages are specific for different sorts of work, like various offices at the workplace.

microsoft loop marketing ideas use case

The overall space you can utilize for your work collectively makes a loop workspace for every individual working at a definite time. Workspaces allow you and your team members to check each other's work. It saves your time as you don't need to save and share files. Workspaces also allow managers to restrict the activity of workers under them. All of the components of the Microsoft loop perform beneficial strategies for both company and workers.   The first impression of Microsoft loop is something different than usual, so it seems so tempting. The interfaces and features of the app are something new for remote workers, which they will surely enjoy. It’s like a revamped office for anyone who is deprived of proper office facilities.

Pricing of Microsoft loop

The pricing of the Microsoft loop is still undetermined because the app launched recently. Also, this app is not available on most of the other apps of Microsoft as a collaborative base.  But the pricing can be round about the price of teams because Microsoft loop is also a reinitiated version of Microsoft fluid technology or networking.

What's the difference between Microsoft loop and Notion

Since the pandemic started, building a collaborative platform has been a fundamental purpose of Microsoft. Because the whole world has become digital, this digital era will continue even after the pandemic. Teams’ apps created a massive revolution and helped a lot of people during this pandemic. But it was probably not enough, so Microsoft loop seems the perfect idea for remote work now.

Though other strategists have been challenging Microsoft in creating assistance like Microsoft loop, Microsoft still came up with a better option. Notion provided almost all the functionalities of Microsoft loops before its invention. But the fact is Microsoft loop is a more powerful version of Notion.

Microsoft is facing many competitors in building better options for users in this hybrid era. Their services and good services are again keeping Microsoft on the top. The Notion is the top competitor of Microsoft in terms of Microsoft loop and fluid technology. They were continuing the tradition of Microsoft, and it's again on number one with many extra features compared to Notion.


Microsoft never fails to satisfy its users and always comes up with innovative ideas. Apps like Microsoft loop will make a massive difference in the future as the whole system is shifting to the digital world. The concept of office work will not be limited to offices only. That's why Microsoft has already created a space where you can manage, collaborate and share your work in less time. So, adapting and learning this app from now can be very advantageous for you in the future.

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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