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How to Use Google Keyword Planner in the Right and Smart Way

How to Use Google Keyword Planner in the Right and Smart Way

You might have an idea about the importance of all types of keywords in website ranking. Searching, choosing, and applying the right keywords in your website content or ad campaign can make your website appear on the first page.

You might have an idea about the importance of all types of keywords in website ranking. Searching, choosing, and applying the right keywords in your website content or ad campaign can make your website appear on the first page. But this cakewalk-appearing procedure isn't that simple. You have to learn its working basics and implementation first to cover all the above mentioned aspects; ignoring any basics can destroy the whole strategy. This article will serve you a comprehensive idea of the keyword planner and how it works. If you want to explore how to use google keyword planner, then going through each step is essential. Otherwise, your whole approach to arranging suitable and trending keywords is going to dissipate.

What is a Google keyword planner?

Google has started to rollout some changes to search in the last few years. The most notable changes are Hummingbird. They introduced Hummingbird which replaced Google’s algorithm which focused on keywords with a semantic model. I will go into more detail about this a little further down. However, Hummingbird brought some other changes with it. One of these was the introduction of Google keyword planner. A Google keyword planner allows you to type keywords in and get an idea of what search queries people might type in Google when searching for those keywords.

Google keyword planner is a free tool to search keywords offered by Google in google ads, and its primary purpose is to search compatible keywords for your ad campaigns. But you can also search all the keywords related to your business or website and check their volume. This tool also shows the approximate searches a single keyword receives at a specific time. As the name depicts, this tool plans the whole keyword strategy for your website. , e.g. 1M searches per month means a lot of people are searching for that keyword. You can also see a list of suggested keywords at the bottom of the page. You can then use this as a guide to see if there are any opportunities.

What Is Google Keyword Planner Used for?

Google keyword planner is used to find keywords related to your business and website that you can use in your ad campaigns and website content to make it appear on top search results. Creating space for your website with paid ads is very difficult, and you can make it accessible only by searching and applying compatible keywords. If you want to optimize your website, then a google keyword planner is made for you. Here, you can find relatable keywords and know about searches those keywords receive daily. By doing this, you can also learn about your audience's preferences. Google keyword planner is used for purposes given below;

● Discovering new keywords

Besides giving you results of keywords you entered in the search bar on google keyword planner, it also offers suggestions about related keywords and their search results. To get more results about related keywords, make your initial keyword broader and lengthy.  After knowing this incredible fact, you might be wondering how to use google keyword planner; we've got you covered. Keep reading, and you'll find how to use google keyword planner.

● See average monthly searches.

Google keyword planner displays the average searches on a particular keyword and others related to it. You can't target the keywords with a smaller number of search results and those with a massive amount of search results. Staying in between and understanding the psychology of users is called average search. And you can maintain this average by using google keyword planner only. Frequently broader keywords have more search results, and they can also get you more keywords related to your niche.

● Discover costs for keywords

Google keyword planner serves all the basic strategies that you need to optimize your website. There is a column present in search results where the cost and budget of each keyword are mentioned. So, it becomes a piece of cake for you to choose keywords according to your and your Ad campaign's budget. There is no need to jump into any other website for this purpose.

However, this cost is determined by the keyword tool itself; it sets this cost considering the budget, setting, and other details about the ad campaign.

● Creating new campaigns

A Google keyword planner is a tool for Google ads, and its keyword search is basically for ad campaigns. So, there is a creating campaign option available in the upper right corner. Where you can set or suggest a budget for your campaign according to your desire. A new campaign provides in-depth keywords to optimize your ad.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

To use google keyword planner, first, you have to create an account on google ads. This tool is considered to be best for optimizing websites because first of all it's offered by Google, which is the mainly used search engine in today's world and free to use, secondly it serves all the features at one place for which you have to jump to one and other websites more often. If someone appropriately uses this tool, then even ranking among paid ad-containing websites is the easiest. But none of you don't know how to use it. So here is a step-by-step guide about how to use google keyword planner.

Step 1: Setting up a Google Ads Account

First of all Signup for a Google account by providing the required information.After that, search for Google ads; here, you'll see an option of starting now. Click on that and Signup for a google ads account. Then you'll see a choice of starting a new campaign, but you should check the system first before starting a campaign. So, click on create account without a drive. Next, mention your business, country, and currency information. Now your google ads account is all set to amaze you,

Step 2: Access Google Keyword Planner

There is an option of settings and tools; after selecting this, click on the keyword planner listed under planning. You’ll see two options here,

●        Discover new keywords

●        Get search volume and forecast

Now you have access to keyword planner, here is half of the knowledge about using google keyword planner end.

Step 3: Select Discover New Keywords Option

If you want to find strong keywords, then you have to discover a new keywords option. For this purpose, add domain, keywords, and phrases related to your business, and this tool will do the rest for you. You are allowed to add a maximum of 10 keywords or filters to discover new keywords.

You will also get a choice of entering a website URL to bring keyword results. Open this tab and mention your website URL; the keyword tool will analyze the website content and extract relative keywords for you. This option is considered to be best as it can help you explore your competitors' ideas.

Step 4: Select Get Search Volumes and Forecasts

When you opened the keyword planner, there was another option of search volume and forecasts. Click on this option. Enter any keyword here, and the google keyword tool will estimate the total number of clicks, impressions, cost, position, and CPC you can expect from the mentioned keyword. You can also find two more options here, negative keywords and historical metrics. These two will also help you to know how to use google keyword planner.


Google keyword planner is mainly used for advertisements. The keyword planner has all the features needed to rank a website on the first page, from finding strong keywords to setting relevant campaigns. The thing is how you use those options. When we use google ads for optimization then keywords exploring an application is enough. But there are different types of extensions in google ads for ad campaigns along with strong keywords.

As it's 100% free, it's the best idea for beginners and helps them explore how to use google keyword planner. Finding keywords for optimization and Google keyword tools gives you an idea about competence strategies in the market. Hence, it becomes easy for you to compete and win.

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