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How To Create A New Google Ads Manager Account

How To Create A New Google Ads Manager Account

Whether you’re a new Google Ads Manager or are looking to create a new manager account, this guide will show you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.


In this blog, we are going to discuss how to create a Google Ads account, and we are also going to discuss how to create a Google Ads manager account and the benefits of creating a Google Ads manager account.

Create Google Ads Account

Things required to create an account :

  • Gmail email account address.
  • And Credit Card (to run the ads).

Step 1 :
To create a google ads account, you would have to go to something called and before you start this process, make sure you already have an active Gmail account.

Step 2 :
Once we go to, it will take you to this particular screen (above screenshot) will click on sign in.

Step 3 :

So  I have already logged into my Gmail account on this particular browser, but for you, if you have not logged in, it might ask you for your Gmail account email id and password. Once you enter that, you would be landing on this particular screen. (above image)

Step 4 :
Now to create a Google ads account, we will click on the new google ads account. I'll take you through step by step, so please remember all of these steps.

When online advertising took off, big companies advertised on TV, radio, malls, and newspapers, for which it needed bigger budgets. However, when digital marketing started to grow, all the big companies investing in offline advertising already started to put more money into digital advertising. Still, these companies like Google, Linkedin, and Facebook realize that there are limited advertisers in this particular game. So if they want to expand their business or scale up, they need to make these online advertising platforms easier for small advertisers.

Imagine that a few years ago, a small restaurant would not have even thought about advertising. Still, I had the moment where we understood that even smaller restaurants have campaigns of $20 or $30 a day, and they’re making profits and generate good revenue from those campaigns.

If you go to Google or Facebook, the settings there are more user-friendly. Those platforms are more for end-users who do not have expertise in digital marketing, so it's a little bit easier for them to create campaigns.

If you are a new user creating a Google Ads account, this screen is for people with no digital marketing experience. Google gives them these options to understand their needs and automatically creates campaigns for people who do not know.

Step 5 :

In our case, we click on the expert mode to launch campaigns in these automatic settings, but things are limited with many options; you can not use the full potential of these marketing platforms like Google Ads in this particular mode.

Expert Mode→If you click on “Switch to Expert Mode” in Google Ads, you will see the following steps:

That all our google ads account is created.

Once you click on “create an account without the campaign” so you see a lot of options here which will have to select

For example, the billing country for me automatically shows India so for whichever country you are facing you can select that and the time zone to time zone is important as well because if I select let's say US times on the automated reports will appear in the US times zone and then select the currency and click on submit.

Now, It shows “congrats you are only done” and my account is created.

Benefits of Google Ads Manager Account

Let’s say you have multiple clients, and they each have their own individual Google Ads accounts. You manage all of these accounts from one place with Google Ads Manager Account. It's easier than ever to keep track of your clients' campaigns on one platform. The best part is that you can monitor performance, billing across all your clients' Google Ads accounts from one place.

Create Google Ads Manager Account

Step1 :
On the Google Ads Manager Account page, click the blue "Create a manager account" button.

Step 2:
Once I click on the create a manager account, both of these accounts to set up these are very straightforward so that it will ask you the account display name

So I will name it an ads manager account always to make it simple now it will ask you two options whether you want to manage other people's accounts or manage my account

If there is an existing account with someone else like even you own it or someone else owns it, they can share the access and you can you will be able to add that google ads account into your manager account as well but

Even if you create new accounts you can always link them to your existing account but I would say to choose to manage my accounts because it will always give you all options you can even add accounts of other people as well so I will select manage my accounts and it will ask you the all the

These three same settings again which we already discussed and after that click on submit.

Bonus Tip

“Coupon Codes and Advertising Credits”

Google Always runs offers like Rs 25,000 free ad credit or a $1000 dollar voucher.
*Only for new accounts.

If you want to create a new google ads account for your client, don't create an account directly.
Create an account through Google PPC ads. So that we can get advertising credits.

As usual, if you have questions, please do comment here or ping me.
We will respond as soon as possible.

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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