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How Google Ads Can Help You Advance Your Business Goals

How Google Ads Can Help You Advance Your Business Goals

Learn how Google Ads can help you advance your business goals by gaining more insight into your customers, increasing conversions and improving brand recognition.

Google Ads is an amazing platform for marketing your business or service. It can be used in a variety of ways, and there are many benefits to using it. In this blog, you will know about Google Ads, Facts, how it can be a valuable advertising tool for your business.

Why We Should Learn Google Ads

Before understanding Google ads, if you are very new to Google ads, you need to understand a bit of Google first, so some of the facts you see in the attached stats image here.

When we see the search engine share of Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other competitors.
If you see all the other competitors, they do not even come close to Google.

Google's market share has been 85% for the last 10 years. We can say that 85% of the search volume is controlled by Google, which means that's pretty much it.

If we look at it, we all know that Google is a giant. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world. So if you see the stats as for the Google Revenue, that's more than 70 per cent that revenue comes from Google Ads if you looked at the advertising revenue of Google last year, $146 billion. Also, if you see for the last 10 years, it's been continuously on the rise.

Now, what does it mean for us, it means that the increase in revenue that more and more businesses are investing in digital marketing if you are a professional or want to switch to digital marketing as a career this is probably the right time considering how the advertising revenue and the increase for these businesses that more and more companies are generating demand for a digital marketing professional who can get on their digital marketing campaigns and grow their business.

See, this is how most small and medium businesses and big businesses are continuously spending more money in digital marketing, or the new advertisers are on board to spend on digital marketing, which means you should invest in digital marketing. Still, only after that do you have a proper understanding of where to put the money and how to take most of the demands for this particular marketing budget.

Now that you know a little about Google revenue and how important it is to the Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) was a service that allowed businesses to run ads to reach the largest possible number of customers willing to buy.

And I would say that I personally believe that Google Ads is the mother of all online advertising platforms because it is one of the first platforms that started digital marketing along with Yahoo.

Honestly, I have come across new digital marketing platforms even now. But still, you look at these particular platforms; everything has been built based on Google ads. But, still, everything was built, conceptualised, designed and inspired by Google ads which is a lot of types of campaigns that you can run when Google ads and why I say that it's the mother of all advertising platforms because I firmly believe that if you know how to run Google ads properly, you can run digital marketing campaigns on any platform.

And I also want to mention that Google Ads is the most powerful platform for online advertising. I know that's a very bold claim, but there's data behind this ;

Estimated that in 2020,
36 cents of every digital advertising dollar will be spent on Google Ads.

How Google Ads Can Help Your Business

The simple answer to this is that people use Google ads for online marketing to understand that you need to understand what marketing is. Simply put, marketing is the promotion of your products, services or brand.

For example, companies like Adidas promote their products by running ads for their shoes, deals, clearance offer sales, and more.

Similarly, some businesses advertise their services, such as salon services.

The main goal is to reach out to people so that more and more people know about your particular product, service or offer. This is precisely why businesses use Google ads: They want to show ads to people and let them know about the brand and its products or services.

For this, businesses or advertisers need to set up a Google Ads account, and they can create campaigns when they show ads to people, and as long as they link their credit card, they can launch different types of campaigns.

I want to go back to this and show you why I said that Google Ads is the most powerful tool in online advertising.

If you look at the screenshot here when I search for iPhone 11 Pro on Google.

Now Google is showing me relevant results, but if you look at the screenshot and the results that Google is showing me in that particular section, those are all ads.

If you see from the point of view of an advertiser.

If someone searches for iPhone 11 Pro on Google Search, the User might be looking to buy that phone. So that’s why he was inquiring about the price in SERP.

In this chance of buying from your ads is more, the user is a high intent.

On Facebook, you might also see this iPhone 11 Pro Ad, but the main difference is that advertisers are predicting and guessing. So the prospect that you are looking at this particular phone might be true in many cases and might not be true in many cases.

It's purely a guessing game.

Still, then better understanding here, Google shows the ads, the primary difference with Facebook and here is when I choose my keywords that I want my ad to appear for, for example, to know if I want my campaign to only show on the iPhone 11 Pro. So if I show my ads there, the user who sees my ads will have a very high intent because of the keywords they are searching for. On Facebook, on the other hand, people may be interested in the iPhone 11 Pro even if they do not want it, but the likelihood of the user buying that iPhone is very high on Google. So when you compare Google ads to other platforms besides Facebook, that's the main difference between Google Ads and all the different platforms, high purchase intent, which is why advertisers love Google ads so much because you can access audiences or people who have high purchase intent for a product or service.

Why Google ads are so powerful, it is now.

If I'm an advertiser, let's say iPhone 11 Pro here if I had on this campaign after every day it all even in real-time, I would be able to check how much money I spent on Google ads and how many sales generated it this all can be tracked and when you know how many iPhones you sold from this particular campaign you can calculate the profit and see if I spend $100 did I make more than $100 profit from this campaign which is it ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)

Shall we use SEM if we have good SEO

These features of Google Ads make it one of the most powerful platforms for advertisers. The second thing I want to point out is if you see the screenshot below when I search for Amazon India in India, Amazon is a huge website with millions of visitors going to it every day. Hence, the ranking is amazing when I search "amazon India".

If you see the Amazon website in the first result, that's so. Still, if you see that Amazon is one of the biggest spenders of ads, with the highest marketing budgets in the whole world, they have smart people running this campaign; if you see that even for Amazon, Amazon is now running ads, even if they do not run ads, the first organic result will be Amazon, which means I have seen many videos/blogs where people say that SEM or Search Engine Marketing are a substitute for SEO because SEO takes a lot of time to appear in the top results; meanwhile, it is like using Google search to rank yourself until SEO kicks into action, which is not the case when you see Amazon. For Amazon India keyword what has amazing SEO but still there bidding for that keyword so that's the first myth you should understand SEM or Search Engine Marketing or Google Ads is not that a substitute for an SEO also companies have amazing SEO they rank number 1, on certain keywords they still bid on those keywords to show that a lot of reasons which we will explain in the coming blog soon and how to move on this strategy but to give you a quick idea that Amazon is building one of the reasons just to give you one of the most important reasons for this.

If you see organic results, it would be a big bore that "Online Shopping website in India: Shop Online for phones, books..." but if you see Adv within the higher they have customizability they can choose anything for example here " - Amazon - Get great deals" they can say 20 per cent discount they can change it anytime they want in real-time this is one of the reasons why companies that have good SEO still bid for keywords on Google ads or Search Campaigns.

There are a lot of other reasons, all of which will be cleared up very soon.

Now you may be thinking that Google ads look suitable for e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart.

Who sells these products online. That's not true; it’s helpful for businesses, but for example.

If you see here, I searched for the best mobile phone stores near me; I saw the first ad from Sangeetha Mobiles.

Imagine if 100 people searched for something like that, probably 10 people would click on it and go to the website and probably one of them or 2 of them might go to the store to buy something, so now the Google ads are increasing revenue. In the end, they have to charge, that for example, today, we spend $100 on Google ads. We have one purchase, and the profit on each purchase is $120, so the overall return on ad spend is positive. No company will mind spending on advertising platforms as far as the money they spend, the money they generate, the profit they generate is more than what they spend.

Now, most of us have something to buy; we go to Google to search for it. (Not everyone in general)

Types of Ads and campaigns in Google Ads

Now, this is the last section of this blog.

Total there are 8 types of campaigns you can do in Google Ads.

Now we will go through each of these types one on one to become familiar with the kinds of campaigns and what kind of ads can be run in Google ads and when you see these ads on YouTube and websites, so you are aware that these ads are coming from Google.

Types of Campaigns:-

  1. Search
  2. Display
  3. Shopping
  4. Video
  5. App
  6. Smart campaigns
  7. Local and
  8. Discovered

Search Campaign type:

When you search for a keyword on Google, you see search ads. But how we can differentiate by seeing an ad icon in front of the text.

Display Campaign type:

Typically, we can see display ads on websites and apps. For example, they may appear on websites like Hindustan Times if you see

which we will have at 8-10 standard sizes of banners.

Shopping Campaign type:

When we search for a particular product in Google.

The highlighted area consists of multiple Ads from different advertisers.

Video Campaign type:

If you watch videos on YouTube before you start the video, you may have seen some ads.

These ads are called video ads.

One thing to remember here is that on several formats of ads that appear on Google, for example, some of them keep you can skip, some of them you can not skip, so the different formats are.

The Video Ads on youtube can only be run with Google Ads and DV360.

APP Install Campaign:

Also called as ( Universal APP Campaigns)

It is an APP installation campaign. So it is pretty simple if you have an APP and want to reach more people to install your APP Install Campaign campaign.

The difference between a display campaign and this app install campaign is that when you click on this type of ad, you are redirected to the Playstore.

Automatic Campaigns :

Most advertisers don't use Smart, Local, and Campaign because they're automated, and we don't have many options to play around it.

Smart Campaign:

If you see here, it means you can achieve your business goals with automated campaigns. When you create a smart campaign that is mostly automated, you simply select your goal and website, and Google automatically creates different ad formats. This type of campaign appears in Google Search and Google Maps. One of the examples is when you search for "restaurant", the first thing that shows up is the ads. These two restaurants probably created smart campaigns, so we see this particular ad that is very smart. If it's a new restaurant, it could get them a lot of customers usually go to Google Maps and search for restaurants near me.

Local campaigns:

Local campaigns are very similar to smart campaigns; the only difference is that they appear on Google Ads, whereas with Google Maps, smart campaigns also appear on YouTube or other platforms, but there is not much difference, except that local campaigns are usually created within a geographical radius of, say, 5 kilometres around your physical business location.

Discovery campaigns:

These are also automated—the type of campaign where you can place your ads. Google will automatically create different formats of your campaigns to show on these other properties. If you want to run a campaign on Gmail, as highlighted here, the only option for you is to run a discovery campaign.

It will not appear in the G Suite email address.

We hope you enjoyed this post about 8 types of campaigns in Google Ads. If you have any questions about advertising on Google, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions about Google Ads or any other advertising platform.

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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