Hi, It's Abhinash 👋

I am a digital marketer, a movie lover, Here I will discuss various strategies with practical use cases. It's not just about a bunch of do's, but also includes don'ts which can help you chart out the optimal strategy execute it with the right tools in a most effective and efficient way.
Hi, It's Abhinash 👋
Years of experience.
Successful projects.
Satisfied customers.
Professional & dedicated.
What I do

Inbound Marketing 🎨

Handled 80+ projects on a full-time job which included SEO, PPC, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads & etc. Over the period of time, I’ve had opportunities to implement effective strategies with various frameworks which had an immense impact on businesses.

Outbound Marketing 🖥️

I’ve hands-on experiences on different tools like ZoomInfo, Uplead and many more and built a total addressable market(TAM) sheet, created a perfect email cadence, ran successful email campaigns which helped in achieving 278% ROI with just email marketing.

Tools 👻

I’ve experience on numerous Digital Marketing Automation Tools, Social Media Marketing Tools, Email Marketing Tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools, Conversion Optimization Tools, Sales Acceleration Tools, Sales Intelligence Tools etc.
Why Here?

This place is intended to be a guide to learn for beginners, a knowledge base (frameworks/ documents/ methods/ checklists/ worksheets) for intermediates, more importantly a common collaboration place where we can learn and share from each other.

I’ll do my best to demonstrate things in a way which is easy to comprehend and easier to implement in practical scenarios.

Here Some of blogs are designed to develop true professionals

These blogs are written in a way that is extremely easy to comprehend and implement.

Learn a systematic, repeatable process

This platform is designed and created to provide you with the knowledge/help/clarity you need at any point in time in your marketing journey.

Unique content in the systematic structure you won't find anywhere else

This is a predictable process through which you’ll be able to predict the results by implementing the strategies which you’ve learned.

In case if you want to talk more about a specific topic, hit me up or just email me.

I’ll reply as soon as possible and help you as much as I can.

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