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Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2022

google seo ranking factors

Google has always had one main purpose, to provide the best results for users. With each new update, Google tries and develops ways to help users find what they want in a simple and powerful format.

Results as they relate to ranking in search engines.

In order to understand what goes into reaching the top of the search engines, we need to understand what Google wants. Google wants to provide their users with the best results for their search term.

As Google has grown in power, it has become more and more difficult to remain at the top of the search engines. Google still takes trys and tries new ways to stand out from the competition.

Everyone wants more and more traffic on their websites. However, it is impossible without knowing search engine optimization and its strategies. The only way to claim the top place on SERPs is search engine optimization otherwise. To your surprise, 200+ SEO ranking factors help the search engines to determine how sites should rank and which websites should show in search results. As you plan your SEO strategy, you have to go through all the factors but there is a different approach to increase your chances of getting higher ranked on explorations. You only have to pay the special attention to a few of these factors and  here we go

  1. High-quality content.
  2. Mobile-first.
  3. Page Experience.
  4. Page speed
  5. On-page optimization.
  6. Backlinks
  7. Internal links
  8. HTTPS
  9. Schema Markup
  10. Domain Power
    Branded Searches and Social Signals

High-quality content:

To begin with, your content must be unique, creative, and original. There is a saying that quality beats quantity, it means your content will rank higher on the SERPs only if it is fresh, up to date, and effective for users. Content must cover a topic with every detail. Moreover, If your site has fresh, relevant, and exciting information, it will keep more traffic on your page and will improve your Google ranking. Long dwell times prove that the websites have informative content and topics like news and new trends become eye-catching for search engines and for such topics Google will always prefer your website. Google prefers pages that answer a user’s question and provide detailed solutions.


Mobile-first indexing determines the compatibility of a website with mobile, and it now directly affects its search rankings. Even if the desktop version of your site is perfect, your search engine ranking could take a big hit if the site is not optimized for mobile. When it comes to local results, Google’s mobile-first strategy is already changing search results. Now Users can receive results immediately that better target their current location.

Page experience

Page experience shows the measurement of how users understand the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value

Page speed

Page speed has been a ranking factor that only affects a small percentage of queries and is mostly a problem for pages that deliver the slowest experience to users. So, make sure that your site is fast enough not to impact users negatively. If you’re concerned about page speed, check the Speed report in the Google search console. This shows which of your pages load slowly on desktop and mobile.

On-Page Optimization

It always deals with all the measures that can be taken directly within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. These aspects still make a significant impact on your website’s visibility and target keyword topics can make your SERP position. Quality content gets found by search engines only possible through optimization. In this way, on-page optimization will still make an impact for years to come.

After quality content, backlinks are considered the second most important SEO ranking factor. It only tells about the credibility and authenticity of a website and you can practice building high-quality backlinks for your site as guest posting, ink acquisition, digital PR, and other strategies of link building. An off-page SEO factor that has a significant impact on your search rankings is the number and quality of links posted to your website

Internal links are the links that bind one page on the website to another page on your website. Search engines and your visitors use links to find content on your website and if there are no links search engines might skip a page. If you have an authoritative page and link to another page on your site, that helps your visitors find the other page and also passes on some authority. As you create new content, build a solid web of internal links so your pages can support one another. The second page will help in search engine ranking.


Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking factor and announced it as a lightweight signal. Websites have a higher advantage of ranking over HTTP links as shown in the analysis. Consequently, switching to HTTPS will benefit any website and it will improve security for visitors by encrypting data between browser and server, and now shows a “Not secure” warning in Chrome when you visit an unencrypted page.

Schema Markup

If you’re wondering how to rank higher on Google then, Schema markup is an important Google ranking factor. It will help the search engines to get a clear understanding of particular things like the addresses, phone numbers, recipes, reviews, and more. For SEO local businesses, a site-wide schema code can be highly advantageous. For instance, it is very vital to make sure you have given the complete address to Google where your business is located by implementing a correct schema code.

Branded Searches and Social Signals

If you get more traffic on your site, the more it will be recognized because a strong signal is provided to the Google search algorithm by branded searches

Domain Power

In the past, exact-match domains were a sure-fire way to boost organic search visibility, domains still have influence. With Google’s smarter algorithm, there are two major verticals of domain power:

  • Exact match domains (same niche)
  • Domain age

Final thoughts

There is a huge impact on SEO marketing strategies in 2021. Accordingly, paying special attention to these 10 important ranking factors, anyone can make or break the marketing strategies. Because ranking higher in Google is about putting all efforts to provide a good user experience, creating content that users are looking for, and determining that it’s the best result for the query.

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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