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Best 4 Sites have a Collection of Good Email Texts Examples

The Best 4 Websites Have a Collection of Good Examples of Email Texts

Writing an email for your business is an important aspect of marketing. Emails are a great way to foster relationships between your company and your customers. They allow you to build a relationship with your customers and make sure that you are remembered. In order to build these relationships, you need good email copywriting examples to hand.

However, writing an email for your business can be difficult if you are not used to writing. Below we have 4 powerful email copywriting examples from great companies that you can use in your own email campaign or sequence/cadences.

  1. Good Email Copy
  2. Good Sales Emails
  3. Really good emails
  4. Great email copy tumblr

Good Email Copy

On the Good Email Copy website, you will see email copy from major companies. Also, it's perfectly organised into categories such as welcome emails, thank you emails, upgrade emails, and so on.

Good Email Copy Website


Good Sales Emails

Email marketing is a vital marketing platform. It is vital that you look at how your competitors in order to see the things that you can do better with your own email marketing campaign.

Here, at, we can learn how some of the best companies are succeeding in their email campaigns by looking to see what they’re doing right.

Good Sales Emails Website


Really good emails

My favorite email design resource is Really Good Emails. It’s an excellent website to find tasteful email designs sorted into many categories to catch your interest.

It has a curated collection of more than 9,066 emails on the web, showing both design and code.

Its impressive, visual variety of colorful information is very helpful for any business looking to upgrade their branding and messaging efforts.

Really good emails Website


Great email copy tumblr

Great email copy is a really good site to get inspiration and examples of emails for your business. I like to use it to get new content ideas and how to format emails. I use it to get inspiration and examples of emails for my business.

Great email copy tumblr Website



There are endless sources to find inspiration for your email campaign today. Check out these websites for some great design and email text inspiration! I hope the suggestions in this blog post have been useful and will help you start your email campaigns off on the right foot! Subscribe now so you don't miss out on any future content before it hits the newsfeeds!

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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