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Best Design Websites for Inspiration

Best Design Websites for Inspiration

As a designer or marketer, it is important to be aware not only of what is happening in the market but also what your competitors are doing, what design patterns & design trends are going, what best companies are following in their landing pages and more,

The Internet is a wealth of information at your fingertips. There are many great design inspiration websites & landing pages out there.

So here are my seven top sites that I use to get inspiration for landing pages.

  1. SaaS Pages 2.0 Landingpage
  2. Good Landing Page
  3. Lapa Ninja
  4. DesignMunk
  5. Landingfolio
  6. Land-book
  7. One Page Love
Best Design Websites for Inspiration Comparsion Table

SaaS Pages 2.0 Landingpage

Get inspiration from 1200+ conversion-focused landing page screenshots

Categorize into blocks, industries and company wise

Color palettes for websites

View Format: PNGs

Good Landing Page

300+ best of the best landing pages curation for design inspiration

Categorize into blocks

View Format: PNGs

Lapa Ninja

Lapa Ninja is a gallery of the best 4423 landing page examples

Categorize Company-wise

View Format: PNG'S and Respective Site URL's


DesignMunk is a curated gallery showcasing 100+ fresh and amazing inspirations for landing pages and homepages.

Categorize: Industry-wise

View Format: Full Page Screenshot along with URL's


Landingfolio is a gallery of the best 400+ landing page designs in 54 different categories.

Categorize: Industry-wise and Colour code

View format: Full page screenshot and URL's


Landbook is one of the best places to go when you're looking for design inspiration. You can browse through collections of the best designs in the world, see what's trending in the design world, and find new favourites. It's always fun to click around and find cool designs to use for inspiration for your next project.

Categorize: Industry-wise and time

View format: Full page screenshot and URL's

One Page Love

One Page Love presents the best one-page websites, templates and resources.

To explain, One-page websites are one-page websites that do not have additional pages like Product, Pricing etc.

It is a collection of the best-designed and most creative types on the internet. It is a great resource when you need that extra bit of inspiration.

View format: Full page screenshot and URL's

An effective landing page needs to have a call to action and a clear take away. It should develop a clear reason as to why the reader should click on that call to action. If the call to action is not clear, then the reader is likely to scroll or scroll some more, hoping that something will jump out and grab their attention.

Usually, the best way of ensuring that your landing pages convert is using psychological triggers to make them stand out. If it is an undercut landing page, make the call to action something that elicits the impression of “winning” or “beating the competition”. If it is a highly promotional page, then offer the reader the opportunity to get something for free or to get a discount.

Once you have the call to action, the next challenge is to make sure the landing page is clear and as objective as possible. Remember that you are only asking for their email address. Anything beyond that is the risk of losing them.

The landing page should also highlight that offering. If you are promoting your business, then highlight your contact information and offer them the opportunity to contact you. If you are promoting a service or product, then clarify exactly how it works. People need to know what they will get for clicking on your call to action.

If you have a video or a slide show on your landing page, then ensure that the video or slide show is of high quality. This will ensure that the reader does not get bored and will leave the landing page and do not bombard them with unnecessary information.


I hope this blog post has helped you find the platforms that are best for design inspiration for your next project. There are a handful of platforms that I have outlined for this article where you can find amazing designs. Sign up for our newsletter for future content just like this!

Jami Abhinash
I am a Digital Marketer who loves to create awesome memes and helping businesses increase their leads and sales using digital marketing.

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